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Workshops, consultancy, and everything else...

Keynotes and seminars are exciting and engaging, but sometimes you need something different …


A workshop format is ideal for deepening and strengthening your skills in sales, communication, influence, networking and persuasion. Allowing more time for questions and individual attention, my workshops are built around a series of exercises and case studies making for sessions which are engaging, stimulating, and valuable.

Lee’s popular workshops

Sales Without Selling

All sales conversations are conversations about an exchange of value. This interactive, engaging workshop gives you the tools and confidence to have great value-based sales conversations, and sell better without being 'salesy'.

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Kissing Frogs

How do you get maximum value from a trade show? 'Kissing Frogs' is an interactive workshop designed to help you unleash the real value at a trade show - the ability of your people to connect meaningfully with your clients and prospects.

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Life's A Pitch

If you sell your products or services through client presentations and pitches, this is the session for you.

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Communication is great when it works, but it can be hugely problematic when it doesn’t. For over a decade, Lee has helped his clients solve their communication problems via deep consultancy, advice, and workshop design and delivery.

Some challenges Lee has helped with:

Keynote speaker Lee Warren describes a workshop case study

Becoming more engaging - A Case Study

How a major financial services firm re-established relationships with their key brokers and clients by becoming 'customer-centric'.

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What people say…

We've worked with Lee on the design and delivery of several Leadership development programmes. He’s a world-class presenter and the feedback is always fantastic”.

Head of L&D (Consulting) Deloitte

The bespoke interactive workshops that Lee delivers provide immediate results - practical, relevant and engaging

Head of Marketing and Customer Strategy - leading Global Insurer

The philosophy…

All of Lee's work is based on some simple, but effective ideas …

Entertainment and education go hand-in-hand.
Every seminar, talk, and workshop should entertain at the same time as instruct. It’s the most fool-proof way of influencing people to take notice, to learn and to change their behaviour.

The best teaching is easier to remember than to forget.
Traditionally, delegates have been seen as passive receptacles for knowledge. But audiences need ot be active, not passive – if you were only told how to ride a bike, you’d never learn, however once you’ve experienced riding a bike – you can never forget! At Lee's courses, sessions and talks, attendees are active participants – engaging in learning ideas through enjoyable games, intriguing tasks and strategic exercises that make learning unforgettable and easy to apply.

The best learning occurs when someone is presented with challenges, but in a supportive environment.
Lee's workshop content is carefully designed to become increasingly demanding while keeping the atmosphere fun, stimulating and ‘light’.

Everything has to be related to the ‘real world’.
Lee's way of working is designed to give people new skills and ways of thinking that are immediately useful. Theory is kept to a minimum, and workshops revolve around real-life role-play scenarios. Instead of talking about networking, let's re-create a networking event. Instead of discussing negotiation, let's get people negotiating. Instead of ‘presentation skills’ let's work with a real presentation. Working in this way means that people immediately see the relevance and are keen to try out their new skills.


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