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Lee Warren is a professional business speaker, award-winning author, and sales mentor…


Everything you need to know about Lee

  • In 2022, Lee was awarded the UK's most prestigious award for professional public speaking 'The Professional Speaking Award of Excellence'.
  • Lee is the best-selling author of ‘The Busy Person’s Guide to Great Presenting,’ the ‘highly commended finalist’ at The 2019 Business Book Awards. In this book, Lee shares a clear, simple, and reliable structure to give compelling presentations and pitches.
  • Lee’s first sales role was a baptism of fire, selling Encyclopaedia Britannica during the digital revolution when everyone was going paperless. Finding success elsewhere, Lee went on to head up sales for Eurotunnel’s ‘Le Shuttle Magazine.’ He subsequently co-created the first database-led sales programme for Hertz leasing and then became Head of Sales at News International - overseeing the launch of a new national industry publication.
  • Lee has also been a member of the world-famous Magic Circle for the past 20 years and was recently described by Prince William as ‘absolutely amazing’.
  • An ardent advocate of live theatre, Lee has written theatre works for The Almeida Theatre, and been a commissioned writer at The Royal Opera House.
  • Lee’s background in sales, magic and theatre gives him unique insight into persuasive communication and informs his keynotes on sales, communication, presenting, and networking.

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If you’re interested in booking Lee as a speaker for your event, please get in touch with as many details as possible, especially date, location and number of attendees. +44 (0)7970170848

Keynote: ‘How To Persuade Anyone To Do Anything (well, almost!)’

Getting your messages heard, believed, and acted on is a key business skill. Whether you’re in a leadership role, a salesperson, trying to get teams to work together, or to get buy-in for projects and resources, you need to be able to engage and persuade your colleagues and clients.

Outstanding feedback. Hilarious, interactive and really useful

Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Lee gives you the skills to do just that. Using a six-step system, audiences will learn how to become outstanding communicators by connecting with people emotionally as well as rationally. Drawing on his backgrounds in sales, psychology and magic, Lee uses interactive exercises and memorable case studies - delivered in a hilarious style - to help people become more persuasive.

Keynote: ‘Making Networking Work’

Almost all businesses will say that ‘word of mouth’ is crucial to their sales and business development, and everyone knows that having a strong network is key to personal and professional success. And yet almost no business has a ‘Networking Strategy’ for growth, and most people dread the idea of actively networking.

We had an incredible 350% increase in sales after working with Lee

New Scientist Publications
Lee uses audience interaction to demonstrate key skills in two areas - face-to-face networking and learning how to grow a network strategically. Lee covers all those areas of personal networking that so
many people find difficult - meeting strangers, having interesting conversations, remembering names, and crucially - knowing when and how to move on! With an emphasis on being strategic, Lee shares how using online tools and clear structures to stay in touch will grow a thriving and powerful network.

Keynote: ‘Grown-Ups Don’t Use PowerPoint

The world is full of bad presentations and sales pitches, and they’re costing your business a fortune. Poor presentations waste people’s time, can slow down sales cycles and projects, add to endless pointless meetings and create confusion and procrastination. Worse, the presenter is often dull and flat and takes ages to get their point across (if they ever do!).

One of the most popular and entertaining speakers we’ve ever worked with

Lee shares his expert insights on everything you need to know to prepare and deliver a knock-out presentation- and he’s even written an award-winning book on the subject: ‘The Busy Person’s Guide To Great Presenting.’ From how to structure the message, learning to avoid the mistakes every presenter seems to make, through to confident, compelling delivery – Lee teaches how not to inflict ‘Death by PowerPoint’ on your audience.

Get your message heard.

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