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Grown-Ups Don’t Use PowerPoint.

Presenting is an essential business skill and you are expected to be good at it. People who can present and pitch well will always stand out. In this session, you'll learn how to become a compelling, confident presenter - every time.

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What’s it about?

If we're honest, many business presentations are somewhere between dull and insanely dull - even worse, they don’t get their point across and just waste everyone’s time.

Based on the techniques outlined in Lee's bestselling book 'The Busy Person's Guide To Great Presenting' this fun, practical and interactive seminar guides everyone through the process that a presenter needs to get right to deliver a great presentation.

What will the audience learn?

This session is based on the real-world experience of a professional presenter and performer and is packed with tips and techniques to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’. By the end of this session, you’ll never think about presenting in the same way again!

What’s it ideal for?

Sales meetings, kick-offs, and team meetings. This session is perfect for anyone who has to present and even experienced presenters will learn something new. This session is particularly useful for meetings where the attendees will have to present what they've learnt afterwards, either to clients or to people internally.

Excellent ... combining fun with really practical skills ... great feedback from everyone


Such an inspiring session ...the content really resonated with the team

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What format can you do this session in?

This session works well as a keynote, interactive seminar or longer workshop.

A combination of keynote and break-out session often works well for this topic. The main ideas can be delivered to the entire audience as a keynote, and then a break-out is perfect for people who need more bespoke advice and practice.

This session also works well in an intense 'masterclass' format - especially for people who have to pitch and present to clients.

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