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How To Persuade Anyone To Do Anything (well, almost!)

In business, you have to be persuasive if you want to succeed at any level. People who can connect and communicate in a compelling, confident way will always stand out.

Lee on stage

What’s it about?

During this interactive seminar Lee Warren fuses magic, business psychology, exercises and case studies together to create an unforgettable event.

You will learn the skills you need (some used by magicians and mind-readers!) to communicate with influence. The seminar is light-hearted in tone, but with a focus on how to use these fascinating skills ethically in business situations, and communicate more persuasively with clients and colleagues.

What will the audience learn?

This is a ‘hands-on’ session, and everyone will get the chance to try out some of the new techniques immediately.

Who’s it ideal for?

This session is perfect for events which are 'content heavy' where you need something a bit different to engage and energise the audience.

Thought-provoking, fun, and interactive, the seminar is great for the 'after-lunch slump' and ideal for anyone who needs to sell ideas, services and products to clients and colleagues.

One of the most popular and entertaining speakers we've ever used!


Book Lee - you will not be disappointed! Fun, entertaining, and practical.

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What format can you do this session in?

This session works well as a keynote, seminar and in-depth workshop. There are no limits on numbers for this session - the more the merrier!

As keynote, it acts as a great 'lift' to a conference, away day or sales event. For events where the audience needs to sell better, connect with clients better, or communciate their ideas more persuasively the keynote acts as a perfect support, giving the audience some simple, powerful techniques they can use immediately. The interactive nature of the keynote means that there's a lot of laughter and engagement, which can help to break-up the flow of days which can be content-heavy.

Get your message heard.

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