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Making Networking Work.

Relationships drive business, and good networkers thrive in any environment. This session helps you to become better connected, more confident, and more influential.

Lee Warren Networking
Lee presenting on stage

What’s it about?

Many people find face-to-face networking difficult, even when they’re experienced at it. Often, people mistake quantity for quality, and don’t know how to turn an initial contact into a business relationship.

‘Making Networking Work’ is a highly-interactive, hilarious seminar with a serious point - to help you practise the skills needed to become a better networker.

What will the audience learn?

This is a ‘hands-on’ seminar, based on Lee’s experience of over 1,000 networking events and you will leave feeling confident and excited about your next networking event!

Audience discussion

What’s it ideal for?

This session is a perfect opener or closer to an event. The highly-interactive nature means that people are on their feet being guided through networking skills throughout the session.

This seminar is perfect for meetings and conferences where networking is important, kick-offs where different departments need to get to know each other, and professional and leadership development events where attendees need to learn the importance of networking.

Incisive, engaging and very funny ... our highest recommendation

GE Capital

A terrific presenter ...we've had nothing but positive feedback from guests

Grant Thornton

What format can you do this session in?

'Making Networking Work' is uber-interactive and can be run as a workshop, guided masterclass, seminar or 'keynote with audience engagement'.

There's no PowerPoint, and lots of easy and fun guided activitites for the audience to engage in.

The session is based on the real-world demands of networking and so delegates are encouraged to meet each other and practise what they're learning in real time. This means that the session particularly suits events where the delegates don't know each other well, or need to be 'warmed-up'.

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