Everything you need to know about Lee...

Trusted by the world's leading brands, Lee has a reputation for energetic audience engagement, thought-provoking content, and hilarious delivery. Lee's audiences learn to sell better, network better and communicate better - and they have fun while they're doing it!

Lee’s background

Keynotes, seminars, and workshops.

Audiences love Lee’s seminars and keynotes, because he combines his backgrounds as a magician and business owner to deliver ‘Business Cabaret’ – sessions that are hilarious and interactive but also relevant and practical.

What people say…

" Wow. You left a lasting, fantastic impression with so many people. Great fun, and so practical. 100% recommended "

" We had an incredible 350% increase in sales after working with Lee "

" Lee's presentation at our team summit was a huge success ... cannot recommend highly enough "

All of Lee's sessions focus on becoming a compelling communicator in three key areas -

Sell more, communicate with confidence, and get people to take action on your ideas.

Connect with clients, build internal credibility and create a networking strategy for new business.

Compelling messages and powerful pitches – delivered with impact.

People often ask...

"How did you get into magic?"

"How did you go from magic to speaking?"

"What’s your favourite audience size …?"

"How do you do your tricks? "

Get your message heard.