Become a better storyteller with these tips

I had an interesting message from a reader (an agency owner) who’s just landed a *dream* client, and he believes that his ability to ‘tell a story’ is what made him successful. As he writes: ‘On paper, we’re qualified, but I guess not exceptional. However, after a pitch where I was able to deliver our […]

The best business pitch ever

It’s hard, now, to remember quite how revolutionary the iPhone was when it launched, and what an uphill struggle it could have been to get the world to embrace ‘yet another mobile phone’. Yet Apple not only conquered the market, but permanently changed the way we think about phones and connection and – for better […]

How to write persuasively

Writing persuasively is an undervalued skill. Wouldn’t you love to be able to do it all the time? Think of the benefits – from emails through proposals, to job applications and marketing material, the ability to get ideas out of your head and into other people’s heads in ways which are compelling, memorable and engaging […]

How to Build Rapport In Sales Meetings

‘How can I quickly gain some rapport and connection, especially in an early sales meeting or chemistry meeting?’ I was asked this question recently when running my workshop ‘Life’s A Pitch’, which is focused (obviously!) on pitching, especially in a sales context. I found it interesting that the person who asked me the question had […]

How Not To Present Like Boris Johnson

You will, by now, have seen (or at least heard of) the UK prime minister’s disastrous speech to the CBI at the Port of Tyne recently*. I received a lot of messages asking what I thought – mainly because I mercilessly and mercenarily used the situation as an opportunity to plug my book! Most writers […]

How To Present At Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are here to stay. If you’re going to be a keynote speaker, or deliver a sales pitch, or even just thinking about improving your presentation skills in the future, you’ll need to be aware of delivering in a ‘hybrid’ environment. Let’s get terms straight – a ‘hybrid’ event is any where some people […]

How To Deliver Team Pitches

Does your team need to pitch better? If your product or service is worth pitching, then it’s worth taking the time to get it right. I’ve been running lots of sessions Pitching in teams – your quick cheat sheet. Remember what you’re pitching. You’re not just pitching your product or service – you’re pitching trust […]

Becoming more engaging – A Case Study

There’s a truth at the heart of all organisations – the client or customer is at the centre of everything you do. Without clients you don’t have a business. This truth is so important that it’s easy to forget it. In the manic day-to-day of meetings, strategies, proposals, plans and emails it’s very to forget […]