Award-Winning Keynote Speaker

Well, this is a TREAT to tell you about! I have just returned from The Global Speaking Summit in Dublin, a conference devoted to professional speaking. It was a joy – full of keynotes, workshops, networking (well, gin and tonics and gossip), discussions and panels. On the last evening, hundreds of us gathered for a dinner and […]

Working From Home Top Tips

How to work from home Suddenly, the entire world has been told to ‘work from home’. If you haven’t done it much, it can provoke lots of questions – ‘How do I stay focused?’ ‘What colour pyjamas will boost my productivity?’ ‘Does feeding my cat count as a ‘resource allocation meeting?’. Early this morning, I […]

The Busy Person’s Guide To Great Presenting

It’s been a lot of work, but I’ve really enjoyed it. The journey of trying to boil down everything I know into usable, brief chapters has been a fascinating challenge. As I’ve been giving my own presentations, and helping people to deliver theirs, I’ve kept asking myself ‘What simple changes have the biggest impact?’. I’ve […]