The best question for small talk in networking

How is your ‘small talk?’. As we get used to being back in the room with real people, we’re having to navigate new ways of behaving. And many people are having to re-learn ‘the art of small talk’ People have different comfort and energy levels compared to pre-2020. It’s interesting how many people are currently […]

Opening Doors With Networking

Networking is such a great tool for opening doors and bringing opportunities to you that it should be considered an essential skill for anyone who wants to increase their impact and influence. I recently created a quick handout for a session on networking, and here it is for you with my compliments. It covers the […]

Networking In The New Normal

How are you feeling about getting ‘back in the room’ – excited? Nervous? Unsure? From building your personal brand through to retention and recruitment, networking is a key skill, but one that many people are uncertain about in the ‘post-covid’ environment. Here are some tips I’ve found useful recently:

How To Network In 2021

How do I keep networking in 2021, when most people and events are still ‘virtual’ but some might become ‘real world’? It’s an important question – your networking skills, and your ability to connect with new people and mainitain and deepen your relationships with existing people are some of the key factors that will help […]

How to express your value in a single sentence

How do you articulate the value of what you do to someone else? When I work with clients, in any industry, one of the first challenges I give them is to explain what they do in a way that is compelling to a client. So far, no one has been able to do it. Isn’t […]