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Lee Warren running a workshop for Deloitte

Sales Without Selling

Lee Warren Headshot By Lee

Sales shouldn't be difficult. You're helping people by providing a solution to a problem

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Many people find sales difficult. Particularly if sales has become a part of their role, rather than being their primary job function - for example, a consultant who now has to start working on new business as well as client delivery.

Often the difficulty comes from a belief that 'sales' is something manipulative.

In fact, at the heart of selling is a simple idea - you're helping people by providing a solution to a problem. The role of sales is to make sure that people get the best possible solution to their problem and that the process of buying the solution is as simple as possible.

Fundamentally, a sales conversation is a conversation about an exchange of value.

Clients want to buy - they just don't want to be sold to!

'Sales Without Selling' is an interactive workshop which takes you through a process designed to help you see the sales journey from the client's point of view. We'll cover:
  • A 4-step process for becoming a 'trusted advisor' rather than just a 'salesperson'
  • Why the best salespeople think in terms of 'value' rather than 'products and services'
  • How to spot sales opportunities early
  • How to conduct a sales conversation without being pushy
  • Why 'modern selling' means understanding that the client is more empowered than ever.
  • How to educate the client about their own problems and lead them to a solution
  • Why clients want to buy - they just don't want to be sold to!
This session uses exercises, discussion, role-play and strategic surprises to give attendees the skills and confidence they need to to build trust during the sales process by focusing on client needs and articulating the value of their solutions to those needs.
The workshop is great fun, highly memorable and full of techniques and tools to use straight away in the real world.

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