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Successful sales pitches don't happen by magic

Life's A Pitch

Lee Warren Headshot By Lee

The fundamental question that clients have when they watch your sales pitch is 'Can I trust you?'

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A lot of people think that a sales pitch is about giving a client information.
But in fact, clients usually already have a lot of information - that's why they've invited you to pitch!
They don't need more information, they need you to help them make sense of that information.
If they just wanted more information, they'd ask you send them an email, or post a brochure.

Lee's sales pitch sessions were fun, but useful ...The improvement across the agency is immediate

So, it's not immediately obvious, but a great sales pitch should not be focused on just information - but on how youaffect the audience with your information.

The workshop 'Life's A Pitch' is focused on how to do this. Using a mixture of practise, role-play, rehearsal and guided coaching, attendees will learn how to create and deliver pitches which leave the competition crying.

We'll cover:
  • Why you're probably pitching your fees the wrong way and what to do about it
  • How to get the value of what you do across quickly, credibly and memorably
  • How to change your pitch for different running orders - whether you're firstin front of the client, last in the list, or somewhere in the middle.
  • How to grab the audience's attention quickly and 'hook' their attention
  • How to focus on what the client needs, rather than what they expect
  • How to stop being just like the competition
  • How to create the ideal conditions for future negotiations during the pitch
  • And how to make the pitch 'referrable' to all those decision-makers you never meet
At the end of this session, you'll have all the tools and knowledge you need to deliver knock-out sales pitches.

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