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Keynote sales speaker Lee Warren

Lee's speaking in numbers

Lee Warren Headshot By Lee

The picture says it all! More than 20 countries, and thousands of engaged audience members. It's not just numbers - it's the best job in the world!

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I'm not exaggerating when I say that being 'a speaker' is the best job in the world - I absolutely love it.

But I take it very seriously too - particularly my responsibility to the people who engage me. And that's why the numbers are here in a graphic - to demonstrate experience and competence for you as a client or potenial client.

I'm well aware that it can be a big risk booking a speaker. The choice of speaker reflects on you, and it can be nerve-racking handing your guests to a stranger for an hour in a conference room.

I understand that, and always do my absolute best to make sure that the event is a triumph for you, and that you feel delighted that we worked together.

Most audiences at events want two things - ideally at the same time: 1. To be entertained, and 2. To learn something useful. My skill is to deliver that for you - to understand the messages you want to get across, and to present them in a way that your audience will love.

When I take a brief from you, I'll do my best to understand your needs, the needs of your attendees, and the overall outcomes of your event. I then work really hard (well, I sit at my desk and scribble ideas down on post-it notes and move them around a lot, but it is hard work I promise!) to make sure that your message gets delivered in a way that the audience finds thought-provoking, entertaining and memorable.

And you don't have to take my word for it. On this site, you'll find dozens of testimonials from delighted clients - many of whom book me again and again and are delighted to refer me to their peers.


I do hope that we work together, and I can help make one of your events outstanding

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