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Kissing Frogs

" An engaging conversation with someone on your stand can create a customer for life "

How do you get maximum value from a trade show? It’s a question that every business has to answer and yet it’s amazing how many exhibitors at trade shows get it wrong.
Businesses often spend fortunes on the stand design and brochures, but the real value at a trade show is in the personal connection between your people on the stand and your potential clients.

 We had a 350% increase in sales after Lee’s ‘Kissing Frogs’ workshop – New Scientist 

Your potential clients can’t have a conversation with a stand, and they can’t get trust and credibility from a free pen. A single engaging conversation with someone on the stand, though, can create a customer for life.
At a trade show, you need to ‘kiss frogs’ – not let them walk by!
This interactive workshop ‘Kissing Frogs’ is designed to help you maximise the potential of your team on the stand during a trade show. During the session, we cover:

  • How to attract people to the stand for the right reasons
  • Quickly developing rapport with new and prospective customers
  • How to ‘qualify’ someone quickly, so you’re talking to the right people
  • How to build an engaging conversation – based on value -making your stand and proposition memorable
  • Moving on from converations skillfully
  • Creating compelling ‘elevator pitches’
  • Keeping energy levels up and remaining motivated
  • Creating goals and being accountable
  • Effective follow-up
  • Creating a ‘priority response system’

This is a ‘hands-on’, interactive, high-energy seminar, based on Lee’s experience of more than 1,000 days over 300 trade shows.
The workshop involves a small amount of theory and a lot of practise through exercises and easy role-play.

 The team will leave with all the tools and techniques they need to get results and to feel confident and excited about your next trade show! 

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