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Becoming more engaging – A Case Study

" The customer is at the centre of everything you do. Without customers, you don't have a business. But we're so busy that it's easy to forget this! "

There’s a truth at the heart of all organisations – the client or customer is at the centre of everything you do. Without clients you don’t have a business.

This truth is so important that it’s easy to forget it. In the manic day-to-day of meetings, strategies, proposals, plans and emails it’s very to forget what’s at the core of your business. This is particularly true of large organisations where the ‘internal inertia’ can mean clients are very low down on the list of ‘things to focus on today’!

A global financial services firm came to me because they were experiencing significant problems engaging with their brokers and clients. They were losing business, had lost their ‘edge’ as a unique supplier, and were becoming more vulnerable to competition.

Over 18 months, I delivered a three-stage process for this client:

  1. Initially, I conducted interviews internally within the organisation, and externally with clients and brokers to understand exactly what their problems were. It was immediately obvious that there was no clear message from the business for clients,and many people had different and sometimes competing, visions for what a great customer experience looked like. It was also clear that there was a lackof skills in terms of engaging clients meaningfully.
  2. I reported back to the leadership team and, based on my findings and their suggestions, designed an initial small number of exploratory workshops for ‘influencers’ within the organisation. These workshops focused on improving the customer experience and communication that my client was giving. A keyfinding from these workshops were that ‘internal customers’ needed as much focus as external ones. These worskhops werevery successful, and gained significant internal buy-in, which lead to:
  3. A national roll-out of of a series of interactive workshops across a six-month period designed to re-focus everyone in the business on what mattered – delivering a world-class customer experience via great communication.

As a result of this programme, many clients returned to the business, brokers felt more appreciated and inspired to partner with my client, and they saw significant increases in both sales and retention over the next twelve months.

They said about our work together:

 Lee’s analysis of our current relationships with clients was so insightful and his methods for re-connecting with our key clients were instantly practical 

Get in touch if you’d like to find out how your organisation can put the customer at the heart of everything you do!

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