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" I'm now legally changing my name to 'The Award-Winning Lee Warren' "

Well, this is a TREAT to tell you about! I have just returned from The Global Speaking Summit in Dublin, a conference devoted to professional speaking. It was a joy – full of keynotes, workshops, networking (well, gin and tonics and gossip), discussions and panels.

On the last evening, hundreds of us gathered for a dinner and awards. I was, like everyone else, cheering on the winners but I was also daydreaming a bit because I hadn’t entered myself for any awards and was just there for the fun.

And then came an announcement for ‘The Professional Speaking Award of Excellence’. It’s the highest accolade for a UK speaker, and is discretionary – you can’t apply for it, and fewer than 30 people have it. It’s given for ‘consistently demonstrating platform excellence and professionalism’. In Layperson’s terms ‘Being absolutely marvellous’.

I was listening to the buildup when suddenly – you’ve guessed – I heard my name called out! In one of the photos below, taken by William Buist you can see that I was – in equal measure – shocked and delighted! Awards given by peers are, I think, the most meaningful, and I have been, as they say, ‘buzzing’ ever since.

Obviously, I shall now change my name and henceforth will insist that in all future social media posts I am referred to by my new legal name ‘The Award-Winning Lee Warren’!

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